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Top Reasons Why You Should Live in a CAPREIT Land Lease Community

Choosing where to live is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life. It’s a choice that affects your daily life, your financial well-being, and your overall happiness. If you’re looking for a unique and affordable housing option, you might want to consider a land lease community with Canadian Apartment Properties REIT (CAPREIT). As one of the largest residential landlords in North America, CAPREIT offers a compelling alternative to traditional homeownership or renting. In this article, we’ll explore the top reasons why you should consider living in a CAPREIT land lease community.

Affordable Living

One of the most attractive aspects of a CAPREIT land lease community is affordability. When you purchase a home in a land lease community, you’re buying the structure but leasing the land. This significantly reduces your upfront costs, making homeownership more accessible, even on a modest budget.


Traditional homebuyers must contend with the high upfront costs of purchasing both the structure and the land it sits on. In contrast, land lease homes allow you to own the structure while leasing the land, which significantly reduces your initial financial burden. This means a lower down payment and more accessible monthly mortgage payments. This financial relief opens doors to homeownership for those who may otherwise struggle with the upfront costs associated with traditional homeownership.

 Living in a CAPREIT land lease community offers a unique lifestyle benefit. These communities often provide a wide array of amenities and services, such as clubhouses, fitness centres, and social events. This fosters a vibrant and active community where homeowners and residents can engage in various activities and build lasting friendships. The sense of community and the amenities available make it easy to lead a fulfilling and enjoyable lifestyle, whether you’re seeking relaxation or social engagement. 

Amenities and Services

Strong Sense of Community

Living in a land lease community offers a strong sense of community. You’ll be surrounded by neighbours who share similar interests and lifestyles, making it easier to build lasting friendships and support systems.

Many of CAPREIT’s land lease communities are strategically located near outdoor recreational opportunities. Whether it’s close access to hiking trails, fishing lakes, golf courses, or other outdoor activities, living in a land lease community can be an excellent choice for nature enthusiasts. This proximity to outdoor activities allows residents to embrace a healthier and more active lifestyle without the hassle of long commutes.

Proximity to Outdoor Activities

A Space to Call your Own

Land lease communities often offer residents a sense of space and tranquility that can be hard to find in densely populated urban areas. With larger lots and green spaces, residents can enjoy more privacy and room to breathe. This sense of space allows for gardening, outdoor entertaining, and an overall peaceful environment that contributes to a higher quality of life. 

Opting for a rural-based CAPREIT land lease community over city living has its own set of benefits. Our rural communities provide a slower pace of life, reduced noise, and cleaner air. This environment can lead to less stress and a healthier lifestyle. Moreover, rural land lease communities often offer lower costs of living, making it easier to enjoy your surroundings without breaking the bank. For those who appreciate a quieter and more natural setting, rural-based land lease communities can be a perfect fit.

City Lights vs Country Nights

Investment Potential

The value of homes in land lease communities tends to appreciate over time. While you don’t own the land, you do own the structure, which can appreciate over time. This means that when you decide to sell, you may benefit from the appreciation of your home’s worth. It’s an opportunity for financial growth that traditional renters don’t have, and it provides homeowners in land lease communities with a unique financial benefit. Over the years, your investment in a land lease home can become a valuable asset, offering the possibility of significant returns when it’s time to move on or retire.
Land lease communities offer flexibility in terms of lease durations, allowing you to decide how long you want to stay. This flexibility is especially appealing for those who aren’t ready to commit to a long-term mortgage.


Environmental Benefits

Many land lease communities focus on sustainability and eco-friendly living. These communities often feature energy-efficient homes and eco-conscious practices that can help reduce your environmental footprint.
Another remarkable advantage of a CAPREIT land lease community is the versatility in housing choices. Homeowners and residents have the freedom to rent a home, buy a home, or even bring their own home to the land lease community. This flexibility means you can tailor your housing arrangement to your specific needs, whether you’re looking for a convenient rental, a long-term investment, or a more personalized housing solution. CAPREIT operates land lease communities in various locations, from urban settings to serene countryside retreats. This variety allows you to choose a location that suits your lifestyle and preferences.

Versatility in Housing Choices and Location

Protection of Resident Rights

Living in a CAPREIT land lease community ensures the protection of your rights as a homeowner or resident. CAPREIT has established formalized processes and policies to outline the respectful and interactive way they engage with homeowners and residents, ensuring you have a say in your interactions with the community. The Bill of Rights underscores the choices you have, the respect you can expect, and the support available to provide feedback and address concerns, all while respecting the rights afforded by applicable laws.
Living in a CAPREIT land lease community offers a unique and affordable housing solution that combines the advantages of homeownership with the convenience of renting. With benefits like affordability, maintenance-free living, strong communities, and a range of amenities, it’s no wonder that more and more people are choosing this alternative housing option. If you’re in the market for a new home and want to experience the advantages of a land lease community, consider the many benefits of joining a CAPREIT land lease community. It may just be the right choice for you and your family.

Check out some of CAPREIT’s land lease featured communities:


Kountry Meadows – Benalto, Alberta
Searching for a beautiful, safe, affordable neighbourhood to call home? Welcome to Kountry Meadows community, nestled among mature trees and picturesque landscaping spanning 27 acres of pristine land in Benalto, Alberta


Saugeen Acres – Port Elgin, Ontario

Saugeen Acres is located in beautiful Port Elgin and offers a diverse variety of community events, local amenities and outdoor activities for its residents to enjoy.


Woodridge Place – Summerside, Prince Edward Island

Sitting on a quiet, peaceful and scenic street, Woodridge Place is also in easy reach of the hustle and bustle of downtown Summerside offering the best of both worlds.



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