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"Welcoming diversity and fostering inclusion is our commitment."
Jodi Lieberman
Chief People, Culture and Brand Officer
"Welcoming diversity and fostering inclusion is our commitment."
Jodi Lieberman
Chief People, Culture and Brand Officer

Experience our unique culture

We have our own distinct culture. It’s shaped by our belief in the power of caring, in very real, genuine ways. This belief system is at the core of our culture and it’s within every one of the people who work here. It’s a culture that’s positive, inclusive, and welcoming.


Because we know that beyond providing the best return for our investors and being the number one choice for residents to call home, we want to offer the most appealing place to work.

We develop our employees

We want our employees to feel valued, safe and comfortable. We care about their personal development, so we offer an array of opportunities for growth. Our general and specialized leadership development programs are just two that our employees have benefitted from.

Growth through mentoring

In Lead Mentoring, we pair an employee with a mentor to develop the employee’s leadership skills. Under the guidance of their mentor, mentees work collaboratively on a team project. Together, they create and present a business proposal to the executive team. In Lead Mentoring, both mentor and mentee experience personal growth.

Our emphasis on wellness

To us, workplace wellness is all about creating healthy and productive workspaces. Our Wellness plan consists of wellness campaigns and other resources. A certified coach leads our new Mindful Leaders program, which offers constructive approaches to managing stress or anxiety. The course emphasizes self-care and productivity, while decreasing negativity.


We recently introduced a Wellness spending account where employees get reimbursed for goods and services that help contribute to their overall health and wellness on an annual basis.

Care that powers an energized culture

We have been recognized as Best Employer in Canada for seven consecutive years. This solidifies our position as a leader in employee engagement and talent development. We care about fundamental aspects of our business; like being the best place to work. So we work hard to create fun in a collaborative and inclusive environment. It’s why we regularly host social events and other initiatives that keep our diverse workforce connected to the company, their work and to each other.

We create leaders

We also support leadership development through customized learning opportunities and tailored coaching. Many employees have taken advantage of programs like Building Leaders (a 3-year program) to develop their personal and professional leadership skills. Others have gained the multiple career advantages offered in our Crisis management training and presentations skills training. These programs provide valuable learning experiences our team members use to advance their personal and professional skillsets.

Preparing future managers

Rotational Management Training is our two-year program that prepares future operations managers. Each year we select two participants to rotate through every department. They get hands-on experience at our properties and learn to handle various aspects of the business.

More than regular benefits

When it comes to caring about our employee welfare, we walk the walk. As well as our regular employee benefits, we offer a competitive benefits package that includes:

  • Wellness spending account
  • Wellness plan
  • Mindful Leaders Program
  • Education and professional membership reimbursement
  • Perks through vendor partner discounts
  • Recognition programs
  • Referral program
  • Savings program
  • Employee unit purchase plan
  • Flexible benefits plan
  • Talent development programs
  • Referral bonuses
  • Summer hours

An ongoing commitment to diversity

Building a diverse and inclusive workforce helps us to successfully support the communities in which we live and work. It enables us to deliver innovative approaches and solutions inside and outside the organization. Our employee base includes an almost equal gender split between men and women. And since 2017 women have represented about half of our annual recruitment. We celebrate every one of the more than 55 languages spoken by our team. Such a broad spectrum of languages reflects the diverse makeup of the Canadian population, not to mention our resident communities.


Our inclusive culture aids in resident-employee relations. Indeed, having a multi-generational workforce helps ensure we represent the interests of all age groups. But our inclusive culture also extends across socio-economic boundaries. We’re very proud of our work with social housing agencies and programs. We lease suites to them where we can, and where they’re most needed. In fact, we’ve leased almost 2,100 apartments to people in need. You can find more information about our commitment to diversity, our environmental performance, governance and other important topics in our ESG Report.

"Since joining CAPREIT, I’ve had the opportunity to grow immensely both professionally and personally through the various development and mentorship programs that are available. We are challenged daily to find creative solutions to everyday problems to ensure our residents have the best rental accommodations in the country."
– Senior Acquisitions Analyst


We’re proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We know our team members are our most valuable assets. They drive the success of the places we live and do business. You can see it for yourself in our Employee Engagement survey. We appreciate all comments, and do our best to incorporate everyone’s feedback with an eye to improving any operational, personal and HR issues we can. It’s one reason we’ve been consistently recognized as one of the 50 Best Employers in Canada since 2014.

Interested in joining us?

Our people are at the core of everything we do, and we’re always looking for outstanding talent to grow our team! Here’s how to get started.

Grow with us

If you have that sense of caring about your world and the people you serve, there are many exciting career paths in our organization. Explore careers that might be right for you.

Developing future leaders

Learn more about our leadership programs that create exciting opportunities for professional development and career advancement.

Gaining from diversity, equality and inclusivity

Our deep interest in the world around us extends to creating a fair, respectful and inclusive work environment. To that end, we value the diversity represented by our talent and we embrace the many different points of view each person brings. We can all benefit from the many different backgrounds, experiences, skills and mindsets across all business functions.

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An inclusive and welcoming culture

Caring about our employees means providing annual training for employees on unconscious bias and workplace harassment prevention. We also hold cross-cultural competence development sessions, tailored exclusively for our senior leadership team. It helps them assess how they collectively engage with cultural differences with each other and with diverse stakeholders.

Walking the walk on gender equality

53% of our employees self-identify as female and beyond that we’re committed to ensuring diversity and inclusion are reflected in senior management positions. We’re proud that since 2017, we’ve maintained a retention average difference of 4% between women and men.

Striving for pay equity

The average salary of self-identified females in executive management positions here is 91% that of self-identified males. Better yet, 72% of regional site roles* are held by self-identified females, and their salary average is 100% that of self-identified males. And even better still, 50% of site or crew level roles* are held by self identified females, and their salary average is 101% that of self-identified males.

A flexible work environment

We care deeply about our workplace environment. So, we offer a hybrid workplace solution. Employees can work remotely, or on-site at our offices across the country depending on their job functions. We offer training sessions within our Central Station training hub, a building dedicated to employee learning and development.

Pathways to Education

Our Building Futures Committee guides our philanthropic engagements. As such, we’re proud to be partner with Pathways to Education. They’re an award-winning organization dedicated to creating positive change among youth living in low-income communities. Since formalizing this partnership in 2019, both our employees and the corporation itself have made significant contributions. The funds have helped transition, train and employ high-school graduates.


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