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Fun things for kids to do in your new apartment

Moving to a new apartment can be stressful for both you and your kids. A new area, school and routine may seem overwhelming, but there are plenty of fun activities that you can do to boost their excitement and help them feel at home in the new apartment. Here are a few of our favourites:

Decorate their room.

Whether that includes choosing which toys to display on the bookshelf, new poster to add to the wall, or colour of sheets they’d like on their bed, by involving your kids in the decorating decisions it will help create a sense of ownership and comfort in their room. Don’t forget to break out the crayons or paints and have them make their own artwork that they can proudly display not just in their room but on the fridge as well.

Play a game of hide and seek or have a scavenger hunt.

Take a break from the chaos of unpacking and play a game of hide and seek or, if you’re ambitious, put together a scavenger hunt for the little ones. The boxes provide extra hiding spots and the game will have your kids learning the nooks and crannies of your apartment, plus it’s just some plain old fun for the whole family.  

Make something in the kitchen.

Once you have finished unpacking, it’s important to celebrate with your kids. Take some time one afternoon and try baking a cake or making a pizza together. This is a simple but fun, kid-friendly activity in the kitchen that can help create a sense of home for everyone.

Have friends and family over.

By inviting over friends and family to your new place, you can let the kids give the grand tour of the new apartment. Whether it’s old or new friends, by having people over for a housewarming party you’ll be creating happy memories in your new home for your kids.

Explore the building and the neighbourhood.

Go for a walk with your kids around the building and the neighbourhood. This will familiarize them with all that’s available to them. If the apartment building has amenities on the property or close by – like a playground or a pool – make an afternoon of it. This is also a great opportunity to cover emergency exits with your kids so that they’re prepared just in case.

Sign-up for community programs.

If your move takes place during the summertime, your kids may feel isolated in the months before school starts so it’s best to be proactive. Look for fun programs that are in line with your kids’ interests. Soccer, dance and swimming lessons are great places to start. Look to building bulletin boards or ask your property manager if they know of any local programs for kids.



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