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Omaer Kalwar

Lead Human Resources Business Partner

Omaer is part of the Human Resources department associated with the People, Culture & Brand umbrella and provides HR solutions to the Ontario property portfolio. 


As Lead HR Business Partner, he utilizes his in-depth knowledge and experience to partner with multiple business units by integrating CAPREIT’s corporate HR strategy with their business strategy and providing HR guidance and support – including solutions in recruitment, coaching, advice and/or mediation, goal setting, rewards, recognition, and other areas of HR. He also leads the English Canadian team of HR Advisors to provide daily oversight of their activities, direction, counsel to complex business problems and support their development.


Omaer educates and promotes a culture of change through care, fairness, empathy, and inclusion. He frequently shares knowledge and establishes best practices and takes ownership in supporting his business partners on all process right until the end. Through his dedication, he builds trust, relationships, leadership, and credibility with all stakeholders. 


I have been with CAPREIT for over 3 years since joining in July 2019. I joined CAPREIT as a Human Resources Business Partner and was promoted to Lead HR Business Partner early in January 2022. 

It will have to be things. The people, leaders and our incredible engaging work culture.

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger” by Friedrich Nietzsche.

Foremost, my mother who singularly raised us due to the loss of my father. She has been the voice of encouragement and determination as well as my best critic. She inspired us to persevere through challenges that come one’s way, be kind, helpful and lead a life of integrity. Secondary, all the wonderful leaders I worked with who had faith in me. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their mentorship and guidance.

Observe, learn, be patient and open-minded. Believe in your abilities, fight to reach your dreams, and don’t shy away from challenges. The sacrifices you will make today are going to be worth it in the end so keep enjoying the delicious instant noodles.

Depending on time or day, I may help people find jobs or employees, listen to them, provide therapy, teach and cheer for people’s success at work.

Working alongside a diverse, caring, genuine and friendly group of people keeps the workplace fun and engaging. Looking back to when I joined CAPREIT, everyone was extremely welcoming and made me feel at home. Based on my personal experience, everyone is super friendly and is eager to help you if seek their advice. Additionally, participating in engagement activities, being a member on the Building Futures Committee for Pathways and to attend company social events where you get to network with colleagues and leaders.


To be the best version of myself in all facets of my life and to see my team and CAPREIT succeed. I started my professional career later in life compared to others. Therefore, there is a lot to learn, apply and move up within the leadership ranks.

Amy Winehouse. An opportunity to hear her sing live one last time is priceless.

Too many to include them all. Favourite books will have to be The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini and The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. Movie will be Interstellar and Closer. Album changes every year. Recently, I have really enjoyed L.A. by Tensnake. 

My partner (against will – LOL), device with internet as I will need to utilize Google Translate should I be rescued by a non-English-speaking individual. Lastly, hot sauce. It just makes things taste 100 times better.

Team Hot Sauce all the way!



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Canadian rental housing providers for affordable housing

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