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Edmond Chung

Regional Marketing Manager

Introducing Edmond Chung, our Regional Marketing Manager for Quebec and Nova Scotia.


Edmond is a dynamic marketer as well as a truly talented creative person. He brings over 5 years of in-depth experience developing and executing strategic marketing programs in branding and marketing communications for leading Canadian companies.


He is a cultured polymath with many skills, talents and passions including travel, photography & videography, cooking, and music. In fact, he is a multi-instrumental musician and accomplished piano player who periodically hosts his own concerts!



Started January 31, 2022, as Regional Marketing Manager for Quebec and Nova Scotia working out of the Montreal office.

Montreal, Quebec & Nova Scotia

The team that I work with is amazing. It feels like a family! You feel supported and understood. #bestplacetowork

Network with people and don’t be afraid to market yourself. You market other people and products so easily, so why shouldn’t you do the same for yourself? Do so in a way that brings value to who you’re talking to. They will thank you and your future self will thank you. Also, knowing when to say no. You can’t do everything, so identify your goals and say yes to the things that align with your goals.

A sharp machete, flint, a metal pot
I have too many favourite albums. These days I’m jumping into vinyls. The sound is so much richer! In terms of movies, it’s tough to beat all the Hans Zimmer films (he writes film scores for those who don’t know him), my favourite ones include The Last Samurai, Gladiator and Inception. Can you tell music is an important part of my life?

In my spare time, I like to make music (and perform at concerts), do creative photoshoots, travel and film drone videos, dance, hit the gym, kickbox, play badminton, go fishing, go biking, cook (BBQs during the summer), and make new cocktail recipes.


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