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Discover the Exceptional World of Opportunities at CAPREIT

Are you searching for a workplace that not only values your work but also encourages you to grow and evolve professionally? Look no further than Canadian Apartment Properties REIT (CAPREIT). CAPREIT offers opportunity, growth, and prosperity in the fast-paced real estate industry.


At CAPREIT, our guiding principle is simple yet enduring – creating value for our residents and enriching communities. This ethos is ingrained in the fabric of our daily operations, defining who we are as an organization and directing our journey towards excellence.


One of the significant highlights of working at CAPREIT is the diverse, inclusive, and vibrant culture. With a team comprising diverse ethnicities, backgrounds, and experiences, we truly embody the spirit of a global workforce. We believe that diversity fosters creativity, innovation, and fresh perspectives. We welcome everyone, irrespective of nationality, gender, race, or orientation, paving the way for an enriching and wholesome experience.


Furthermore, CAPREIT believes in the power of relationships. We view our residents, our team members, and our communities as one big family working towards a common goal. This belief nurtures a dynamic and cooperative work environment at CAPREIT, where everyone’s opinion matters and every contribution counts.

Empowering Our Teams for Success


We also believe in continuous learning and development, and at CAPREIT, your growth is our priority. We commit to creating a learning environment that promotes personal and professional development. Our training programs, mentorship opportunities, and educational assistance are designed to help you grow in your career while nurturing your individual strengths and skills.

A World of Opportunities Across Departments


CAPREIT offers a wide range of career paths tailored to match your passions and aspirations, ensuring there’s a place for every skill set and dream. For those interested in the heart of our operation, property management roles offer a hands-on approach to creating the best living environments for our residents. Your work directly impacts the quality of living and community building.


On the corporate side, opportunities in finance, marketing, human resources, and IT support the backbone of our operations, facilitating growth and innovation across the board. Finance professionals may find their niche in portfolio management or financial analysis, helping CAPREIT make informed investment decisions. Marketing experts play a crucial role in brand management and resident engagement, while our IT specialists drive the digital transformation initiatives that keep CAPREIT at the forefront of the real estate industry.


For those seeking a more strategic impact, roles in acquisitions and real estate investment open doors to shaping the future of CAPREIT’s portfolio. Whether you’re facilitating new acquisitions or developing strategies for market expansion, these positions are pivotal in driving our mission forward.


We recognize that our success is built on the diverse talents and dedication of our team. We’re committed to nurturing your career, offering pathways that inspire growth, fulfillment, and achievement.

Competitive Remuneration and Comprehensive Benefits


At CAPREIT, we value our people. We understand that our team is our strength and to show our appreciation, we offer competitive remuneration and comprehensive benefit packages. The benefits of working at CAPREIT go beyond the standard perks and include health, wellness, and financial programs, providing you with the support necessary to realize your full potential.

A Milestone in Gender Equality


In line with our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we are proud to highlight that CAPREIT has achieved a significant milestone in gender equality, boasting gender parity among our team. This achievement underscores our dedication to creating an equitable workplace where talent thrives, free from biases related to gender. It not only reflects our values but also sets a precedent within the real estate industry, proving that gender balance is both achievable and beneficial in fostering a collaborative and innovative working environment.

Promoting Work-Life Balance


Furthering our commitment to our employees, CAPREIT also upholds a healthy work-life balance. We recognize that for our team to give their best, they need to live their best. Our policies and work culture promote a balanced lifestyle, fostering an environment where positivity and productivity can flourish.

Commitment to Sustainability


CAPREIT also takes immense pride in its dedication to sustainability and environmental conservation. Working with us means applying your skills, passion, and dedication to a cause that resonates with the global need for a greener and cleaner future. When you join CAPREIT, you not only contribute to harnessing the best in real estate industry but also making a difference in the world we live in, ensuring a better tomorrow for future generations.

Where Passion Meets Purpose in Real Estate


Here at CAPREIT, you can expect a rewarding career that offers professional growth, a diverse and inclusive work culture, competitive remuneration, opportunities for self-development, a well-balanced lifestyle, and the satisfaction of working towards a sustainable future. Our doors are always open to passionate individuals who aspire to make a mark in the real estate industry. When you choose to work with us, you’re not just choosing a job; you’re choosing a fulfilling career.


At CAPREIT, your career aspirations meet our vision for a prosperous and sustainable future. Are you ready to embark on an exciting and rewarding journey with us? Welcome aboard the exceptional world of opportunities at CAPREIT!


We’re proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We know our team members are our most valuable assets. They drive the success of the places we live and do business. You can see it for yourself in our Employee Engagement survey. We appreciate all comments, and do our best to incorporate everyone’s feedback with an eye to improving any operational, personal and HR issues we can. It’s one reason we’ve been consistently recognized as one of the 50 Best Employers in Canada since 2014.

Join our team

If you think you have the kind of caring attitude that inspires us, and you’d like to be part of a diverse and inclusive team that’s making a positive difference, please contact us.

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If you have that sense of caring about your world and the people you serve, there are many exciting career paths in our organization. Explore careers that might be right for you.

Developing future leaders

Learn more about our leadership programs that create exciting opportunities for professional development and career advancement.


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