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Christina Morin

Regional Director

Christina is a wonderful example of the excellent opportunities for growth and development at CAPREIT for a motivated and dedicated individual.


In her over 20 years, Christina has progressed through almost every role imaginable at a property! Starting as a Cleaner in 2002, she soon took on a Leasing Agent and Receptionist role and held a variety of other roles including Administrative Assistant, and Maintenance Supervisor.


When Domaine Bellerive was acquired by CAPREIT in 2011, Christina was promoted to Building Manager, but rapidly progressed into a Director of Operations role at CAPREIT. After 5 years, Christina’s potential was again recognized, and she was promoted to her current role of Regional Director – which she has held since 2017. As a Regional Director, Christina is responsible for over 4000 units, in a large area extending from the north shore through Montreal and into the South Shore.


Christina has received numerous awards and recognition for her exemplary work and efforts here at CAPREIT – most recently she was nominated as one of four finalists for our highest award: The Thomas Schwartz Legacy Award.


In her remarkable journey of growth and development here at CAPREIT, Christina has benefitted from our many excellent mentorships and leadership programs. Starting as a mentee in the LEAD Mentorship program in 2017, Christina has returned the favour and has acted as a mentor in the LEAD program for many years. Christina has also participated in CAPREIT’s unique Building Leadership program.


Christina also gives back by helping at-risk youth in low-income communities graduate from high school and successfully transition into post-secondary education via her work on CAPREIT’s Building Futures program in support of Pathways to Education, acting both as a fundraiser and as a student mentor! She has also participated on CAPREIT’s ESG subcommittee.


What does a typical day look like for Christina? In a word: busy! 😊 Christina takes an organized and structured approach to her role, keeps an open mind, and considers the big picture in order to make the right decisions. Christina is guided by CAPREIT’s core values of being creative, ambitious, proactive, and focused on results and overall performance. But also values being empathetic and attentive.


Christina says: “There’s no time to get bored!!!” her many responsibilities include ensuring building-related matters are carried out smoothly and on time, developing budgets and strategies, and keeping her huge team both engaged and supported! In her own words: “I have been fortunate enough to meet some incredible people with wonderful stories, surprising backgrounds, colourful and inspiring personalities!”


In summary, Christina says: “CAPREIT trusts me and gives me the confidence to get there 😊. Every day is different and that’s what I love! I love challenges because it makes me grow more and I have the chance to experience it every day in this amazing company.”


I use a lot of quotes; the problem is that at some point I mix them up and it makes my colleagues laugh… But the most important one for me is this one: “Never forget that the most important person in your life is yourself 😊 Take care of yourself!”

My mother (Nicole Morin) is newly retired from 25 years of service at Domaine Bellerive (a CAPREIT building). She inspired me, she introduced me to this wonderful world. I had the chance to work with her for many years. She was my mentor, and my inspiration – so I followed in her footsteps. Thanks to this great lady 😊

A sense of well-being. The feeling of accomplishment. Whether it’s accomplishing a goal, doing well financially or just doing good for someone – it inspires me and gives me a sense of purpose and making a difference. I love doing good because it makes me feel good about myself. That inspires me!

My father. My father is not a famous person, I choose my father because he is my idol, my hero and my strength. He passed away today and if I had the chance to have a last dinner with someone it would be with him. He always told me to go for it, to persevere, but most of all to stay myself and that I will go far in life whether it is personal or professional.

I love to cook, and experiment with new recipes! Not always super good… (feeling sorry for my partner and son… 😉) I also love going to the gym, it allows me to clear my head and recharge. I especially like getting together with my family to spend quality time with them, to laugh, to recall happy memories, but most of all to be present with them and to enjoy every moment.


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